LIKEtoKNOW.iT is a super sweet program that generates ready-to-shop links that can either be sent directly to your inbox or can be manually typed into your browser! So when you see a link that looks like this: (just an example link), it means that the image is shoppable through! The best part? You can instantly find out what I’m wearing in these posts – this way you never need to wait for an answer from me (#FullTimeJobProbs).

Signing up for is SO easy. First, submit your email to register here. From then on, every time you “LIKE” a photo on Instagram that has one of the little links above, you’ll get an email to view the ready-to-shop product links! The photo below is what it will look like:


Trust me, I know. But let me fill you in on a little secret: You can CHOOSE how often you get your ready-to-shop emails! At first, I had mine set to “WEEKLY”, but then I realized that if I’m liking a photo on Instagram – it’s usually because I want the pieces someone is wearing! So now, I’ve switched them to “ASAP” (PS: You can also set them to “DAILY”). Also, if you still decide to keep your emails to a minimum, you can directly type the link that corresponds to a photo into your browser!

UPDATE 9/7: YAY! LikeToKnow.It made it even easier to shop IG posts. If you see the widget below, just click a photo and product details will be RIGHT THERE! No need to sign up/sign in at all!

I do try to link everything that I’m wearing, however, if an item is sold out or from an older season, I do my best to find the most similar item around the same price point. It’s such an easy way to save all of us time and frustration. Rather than you sorting through pages of certain products, I’ve linked the exact (or similar) piece for you! And I still love love love the fact it’s so instant!

BIG UPDATE!!! 3/6/17:

The app is here! If you have an iPhone, all you need to do is download the app, “LIKE” or SCREENSHOT any of my IG photos, IG stories and/or Snapchats, and they’ll show up in your feed almost immediately! It’s also a great way to discover other LTK users that you may or may not follow and want to shop their feeds!

You can shop my page here or use widget below (which now doesn’t require a sign in, YAY)! Please don’t hesitate to ask me anything about the program!