Why You Should Treat Yourself (And Not Feel Guilty About It)

If there’s anyone who’s going to advocate for treating yourself…it’s me. I’m very much in favor of self-love, and if that means treating yourself every once in a while, then so be it. 

I thought to do this post when I impulsively splurged on a pair of Gucci Princetown loafers (I 100% blamed my boyfriend on this…he got me my first pair, and now I’m hooked). I was feeling down and just really sad about the world. I couldn’t get out of the funk I was in. One night I was on Instagram and saw Megan wearing these loafers. I’ve honestly been wanting a pair of these loafers since I was in college. I remember the first time I saw them…and then saw the price tag. I also didn’t think they were practical at all.

But this funk was really getting to me, so I did what I do best. Spend money. I splurged on those loafers and it was instant gratification. Money does not necessarily buy happiness, but in this case, it certainly did. And I do not regret my purchase at all. I’ve had them for three weeks and the cost per wear decreases daily. I’m so happy with my new shoes! So this purchase really got me thinking: Treating yourself is definitely a good thing. And here’s why.

Treating yourself doesn’t need to be on a designer item.

I love designer things as much as the next girl, but unfortunately, consistent designer purchases are just not realistic for me. So yes, while I just splurged on an expensive pair of shoes, I don’t necessarily think treating yourself is limited to designer items. I try to treat myself as much as I can, especially if it’s a reward for a successful completion of a blog campaign. Some of my favorite ways to treat myself include: Getting a venti vanilla chai latte at Starbucks (cannot believe it’s almost $7), a weekly Drybar blowout, a mani/pedi, or a massage.

Why you shouldn’t feel guilty when you treat yourself.

This is YOUR money. Your hard earned money. You get to choose how you spend it. And I’m not saying that you should blow every single one of your paychecks (although we’ve all been there before). That’s definitely not responsible. But I am a firm believer that you should not feel guilty about treating yourself. In so many people’s minds, treating yourself is a self-indulgent, frivolous strategy. But that’s not how I see it. When we treat ourselves, we feel energized, happy, and a boost of control. A little self-love, whether it’s in the form of a gift or not, isn’t selfish. I think more people need to remember that.

Treat yourself to make yourself proud.

I like to think about it this way: If I know I want a certain item or want to live a certain way, I need to save my money. That means I also need to think about really hustling when it comes to the blog. Saving up for something I really want is almost like setting a goal. If I work really hard, I can buy that special something for myself. In a way, it measures my small successes. We need to stop being so hard on ourselves when it comes to treating ourselves. Be proud of those purchases you make for yourself — no matter how big or small.

When it comes to treating yourself, I really believe that these small wins are necessary for happiness. No, not because of the monetary factor, but also because of the value it can add to our lives. Whether it’s a fresh weekend manicure or that bag you’ve been eyeing, doing the things that make YOU happy are so important. What was your favorite treat yourself purchase or how do you like to reward yourself in little ways?


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