Why You Should Do A Weekly Digital Detox

Let’s face it: It’s 2018, and we’re all obsessed with our phones. Especially us bloggers. And if I’m being REAL honest, I would probably be obsessed with my phone even if I wasn’t a blogger. I just LOVE being connected.

How To Focus On Yourself

The more work I put into my blog, the more I realize just how much my phone, laptop, and desktop are a huge part of my life. I constantly want to be connected to my email, Twitter, and Instagram. If I’m not actually working (i.e. responding to emails/comments, editing photos for an IG post, or pushing out tweets for my latest blog post), you better believe I’m mindlessly scrolling through every single social media app there is.

It’s a horrible habit.

Once I started getting severe migraines, I knew the only thing that could be contributing to them is the amount of time I stare at a screen. When I broke it down, I was on my computer almost 13 hours a day. THAT IS OVER HALF THE DAY THAT I’M LOOKING AT A SCREEN. Of course I got migraines. Yes, my computer glasses have helped tremendously (read more in this post here), but guess what? I’m still on my screen over half the day.

In 2018, a digital detox is SO necessary for myself, and I highly encourage others to do it too!

Why the Digital Detox? Give yourself a (mental) break

I constantly need to tell myself that I need to just put the phone down. Social media will be there when I pick it up again, duh. It’s seriously so bad how often my phone is in my hand. I could be in the middle of writing a sentence, and I’ll stop what I’m doing to pick up my phone to scroll through social media. JUST AWFUL, I KNOW.

I think for all of the pros of social media, there’s always that big con: Consistently scrolling through people’s “perfect” lives. For every amazing comment I get from someone, or even just a “like”, there’s always the post that do better than yours. I think it’s just smart to do yourself a favor and give yourself a nice mental break from the social media world. It’s not going anywhere.

Why the Digital Detox? Be more present

SO important. I cause a fuss when Matt is on his phone and doesn’t pay attention to me. Meanwhile, I’m over there doing the exact same thing 30 seconds later….and for a longer period of time. I need to do a better job at just being more present, whether it’s at work or if I’m hanging out with my family or friends. Sure, I can say I’m good at multitasking, but let’s get real. There’s no way I can give someone my utmost attention if I’m worried about getting a post up or responding to comments. I need to learn how to put my phone away when I’m at the table instead of constantly saying, “Oh, I just need to check on something.”


Why the Digital Detox? Just have a day

I’m thinking about doing a weekly digital detox. Either Friday or Sunday. Maybe both.

I’ll probably have withdrawals of some sort, so I know I’ll need to stay busy. I’m trying to get back into reading, by starting something light and easy: Andi Dorfman’s first book. I feel like a book is the best way to get caught up in doing something other than being on your phone. When I’m really into a book, I hardly pick up my phone. It’s great. So definitely need to do more of this.

Even though it’s winter, I still love getting some fresh air. No, I’m definitely not going for long walks, but I do enjoy walking in and out of stores while I’m running errands. That minute or two of fresh air is so relaxing, and even when its under 20 degrees, I still enjoy it!

Why the Digital Detox? Set “office hours” for your phone

When you can’t have a complete digital detox, it would be smart to have “office hours” for your phone. It’s not the best idea to wake up and immediately check your phone. I’ve also heard it’s harder to fall asleep if you’re on your phone before bed. I’ve been sending last minute texts, finish engaging on Instagram, and scrolling through Twitter at least an hour before I want to fall asleep. This way I can put it on my nightstand, not worry about it, and read a book before turning the lights off.

Who’s up for a weekly digital detox? I’ll need all the support I can get!

photo by allie provost

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