My Travel Goals For 2018

While I’m definitely not a “travel” blogger, I still like to incorporate travel into my content. Obviously, I need to travel to do so. But the question is, “How do I get to the “travel goals” level?”

Travel Goals 2018 by popular New York blogger The Champagne Edit

Traveling is such a beautiful thing. It’s so great to get out and explore new places. Sometimes I feel a bit overwhelmed when it comes to travel expenses and arrangements, so I just DON’T go. But I know I need to get over this irrational way of thinking and just TRAVEL. Luckily, I have a great travel buddy in Allie, so I always know I’m in good hands.

The older I get, the more important traveling becomes. Elle gave me the idea of putting together a list of travel goals for 2018. Isn’t she the best? So now I need to hold myself accountable now that it’s out on the blog;) Here are some of my travel goals for this year!

  • Switzerland (Allie let’s book our trip, k) | I don’t know when Switzerland became high up on my list…but it did
  • Amsterdam | I feel like everyone is heading there, and I’ve heard such amazing things, so it’s definitely top of mind!
  • Napa | Allie and I have been talking about Napa for a while, and Elle has been wanting to go too…so basically we are DEFINITELY making this happen.
  • Beach vacay| Matt and I are very lazy people, so a beach getaway is for sure needed for us. I love the idea of sitting in the sand with a drink in hand for hours and hours!
  • More weekend trips | I forgot how much fun it is to just take a three day weekend to getaway. Although they’re kinda exhausting, it’s always important to get out of the city for a few days. Since I work a 9-to-5 job, it’s tough to take too many days off in a row…so weekend trips are a great way to get to travel more!

As far as travel content, I definitely need to step up my game. I know I’ll never be a “travel influencer” who creates only travel content, but I do want to start doing MORE travel content. I go to blogs ANYTIME I want to travel to a new place. So I want The Champagne Edit to be that for you as well! Definitely a big goal of mine for 2018!

What are some of your ultimate travel destinations?! Let me know what’s on your list!