The Importance Of Writing

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I’ve loved all things paper and writing related for as long as I can remember.

The Importance Of Writing and Finding the Perfect Planner Organizer by popular New York lifestyle blogger, The Champagne Edit The Importance Of Writing and Finding the Perfect Planner Organizer by popular New York lifestyle blogger, The Champagne Edit The Importance Of Writing and Finding the Perfect Planner Organizer by popular New York lifestyle blogger, The Champagne Edit The Importance Of Writing and Finding the Perfect Planner Organizer by popular New York lifestyle blogger, The Champagne Edit The Importance Of Writing and Finding the Perfect Planner Organizer by popular New York lifestyle blogger, The Champagne Edit

The Importance Of Writing and Finding the Perfect Planner Organizer by popular New York lifestyle blogger, The Champagne Edit

I’ve always had such a love for anything journal related. I think I had the most fun wandering around Staples trying to get all of my school supplies ready for a new year: Notebooks, highlighters, pencils. I was excited about all of it. I guess I wasn’t your average kid. I’ve always loved taking notes as opposed to arts and crafts time. My love for writing on paper definitely carried on into my adult years. I still write EVERYTHING down. Even though we recently were given work laptops to bring around to our meetings, I still bring a notebook. Writing things down helps me focus on the important messages and ultimately remember more.

So what makes writing and paper so cool?

No distractions

Whether I’m writing in a journal, or taking notes in a meeting, there’s just something about writing. I think it has a lot to do with no distractions. If I’m on my computer, I’m constantly getting distracted by email notifications, other tabs on my browser, or social media. These distractions are the reason why it can take me SO much longer to write a post! When I’m brainstorming posts in a notebook, it’s just me and my thoughts. No distractions! All of my best ideas seem to flow from my brain to the paper.

The sense of ease

Call me old school, but I’m ALL about my paper planner organizer. It’s with me at all times, and I’m seriously lost without it. I know people swear by their iCals, but not this girl. I trust myself and myself only when it comes to my every day tasks. My planner organizer is just too convenient — I throw it in my bag and go. It’s way lighter than my laptop, and if I need to jot down something, I never have to worry about the battery dying;) I was gifted this Panda Planner and I love it! It’s broken up into different parts: monthly,weekly, and daily. This allows me to hone in on specific timelines, and helps boost productivity. My favorite part of the planner organizer is in the daily section. There’s a space for a morning review, where you list things you’re grateful for and things you’re excited about. I’m a firm believer that you should start every morning by thinking about the things you’re grateful for. I thought this was such a nice addition to the planner organizer.

Writing boosts productivity

When I’m writing, I typically go, go, go. Since I don’t have many distractions, everything just spills onto the paper. When I’m typing, it’s like I’m a robot! In college, I would always prefer to write my notes on paper because it helped me remember. If I was taking a class where the lessons went by too fast for me to keep up with handwritten notes, I’d go back and RE-WRITE my notes from the computer. Crazy, I know. But it really helped me remember, and I think a lot of college students would agree with my method! I also LOVE writing in pencil to keep my notes neat. Although this tends to get a bit messy since I’m left-handed, I almost always write in pencil. The thought of crossing things out if I make a mistake really gives me anxiety. These General Pencil Company pencils have a vintage vibe (no frills), so I love keeping them nearby! They also look great on my desk! What else is on my desk (close to all of my writing tools)? My new Carson Dellosa File Folders. I love staying organized, and I’m able to find documents at a moment’s notice with these folders!

Speaking of productivity, always make a list

There’s nothing like a good to-do list. I do this at both my 9-to-5 and for the blog. I make both weekly and daily to do lists. This Knock, Knock Goals Notepad is the best for my weekly lists. It helps me get everything down in one place. I also LOVE the feeling of crossing things off my to do lists. So relieving, right? When it comes to daily to do lists, I always use Post-It Notes. I keep them near my weekly to do list, and it really helps me prioritize and focus.

A simple thank you goes a long way

How do you feel when you receive a handwritten note? Pretty damn good, right? For me, I personally love writing handwritten notes. It’s super therapeutic to me, and I love the end result: Sending someone special something special. I really think the handwritten note ought to make a comeback. The sincerity alone is one of the best parts of a handwritten note! These Erin Condren Note Cards are so simple, yet colorful enough to brighten anyone’s day!

My challenge to you — 15 pages a day

One of my biggest goals for 2018 was to read more (and regularly). Reading helps keep you inspired. It helps to keep your brain stimulated. Did you know that reading at least 15 pages a day helps your memory and increased mental development? I mean, 15 pages is not a lot! I’m starting with this book called Rework, which is all about maximizing your time and increasing productivity. I think this book is super beneficial for everyone! So join myself and Paper & Packaging and commit to reading 15 pages a day!

So although I know just how important the digital space is, there’s nothing I love more than paper and writing…especially when there’s really great benefits!

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