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Spring Sneakers Styled Two Ways by popular New York fashion blogger, The Champagne Edit

The Edit

Happy Friday! I feel like I say this every week, BUT WHAT A WEEK IT’S BEEN.

There were a few fires that needed to be put out at work (always fun), and then Elle and I began our intern search for The Champagne Edit (exciting stuff)! This weekend is going to be a fun one. Allie, Elle, and I also saw I Feel Pretty, and we LOVED it. Not only did it have a great message, but it was also hilarious. I mean, not Oscar-worthy, duh, but I really love Amy Schumer. I LOVED Trainwreck (partly because I have a ridiculously large crush on Bill Hader), so I was really happy that this one was also hilarious. I highly recommend to go see with your besties!

Tonight, nothing planned…except catching up on Riverdale;) Matt and I really love doing nothing on Fridays. It’s a great way to regroup from the work week. We’re usually at his parent’s house on Fridays, and his mom and I love watching Dateline at 10 — except we almost always fall asleep. *Shoulder shrug emoji*

Tomorrow I’m shooting some Spring looks, one campaign, and then heading to dinner with Matt’s family for his dad’s birthday. We’re going to Maialino in Gramercy. Matt and I went there on one of our first dates, and it’s seriously SO delicious.

On Sunday, we have Matt’s younger cousin’s communion, so it’ll be a great, relaxing Sunday. And as always, I just know Monday is going to come way too soon.

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  • Saturday details😍 I’ve recently been into more and more feminine pieces (so weird for me😂), and this little midi dress is no different — full look with be on The Champagne Edit soon🙌🏼 •• 📸 by
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  • MONDAY VIBES 〰️ No matter how shitty the first day of the week is for me, it ALWAYS gets better when I step foot into @soulcycle🙌🏼 To be honest, I’ve been feeling a little frustrated with life: At the office, on the blog, in my personal life/appearance. Defeated to say the least🤷🏻‍♀️ Wellll tonight’s class was exactly what I needed — my friend @mantaszvinas talked about failure vs. defeat (all while kicking my ass on the bike) and it was a total 💡 moment. Failure is something that happens when you push yourself past your limits, do things you’ve been afraid to do — and that’s a good thing. That SHOULD happen👏🏻 Defeat is when you ALLOW yourself to give up and throw in the towel🙅🏻‍♀️ Instead of feeling defeated, I need to get it together, and push my boundaries...surprise myself — at work, on the blog, and at home. And for me, my refocus starts on the bike💛💪🏻
What are a few things you do to get yourself back on track👇🏻 I NEED TO KNOW!!!
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  • HAPPY FRIDAY!🍾 If you know anything about me, you know that I could drink champagne anytime, anywhere😍 @taittingerusa is the perfect every day champagne: whether you’re lounging by the pool in the Hamptons or celebrating a special milestone! TAG YOUR CHAMPAGNE BESTIE BELOW👇🏼 #ad #taittingertime #champagne •• 📸 by

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