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Royal Caribbean Harmony Of The Seas

I just went on one of the coolest trips ever. 

(My apologies in advance for the photo overload. But they’re worth taking a look at, I promise.)

Royal Caribbean Harmony Of The Seas Royal Caribbean Harmony Of The Seas

In the beginning of November, Matt and I set sail with Royal Caribbean on their newest (and biggest) ship, Harmony of the Seas. It was my first time on a cruise, so I really had NO clue what to expect, but I was so excited!

When we first got to the port, I was expecting to have to wait so long to check in and board the ship. MAN, WAS I WRONG. We were on the ship and in our room within 20 minutes, being greeted at every corner by the amazing staff of Royal Caribbean.

Royal Caribbean Harmony Of The SeasRoyal Caribbean Harmony Of The Seasimage c/o royal caribbean

I’ve heard some pretty bad things about staterooms on ships, but once again I was completely wrong. We walked into our room and I was in shock at how spacious it was. We had a big king sized bed, a couch, two closets, a desk and drawer space. It was MORE than enough room for us during our trip – plus we didn’t want to be in the room at all so we could get the most out of our time on board!

One of the coolest parts of our room was definitely the balcony. It was SO nice to just sit on our two little chair and take in the ocean breeze. Matt and I would sit out there for 20 minutes every night and just talk about how freakin’ amazing the ocean was.

Royal Caribbean Harmony Of The Seas Royal Caribbean Harmony Of The Seas

The first day on the ship was pretty overwhelming because I couldn’t believe how much there was to see and do. Seriously, they were not kidding when they said this ship was one of a kind! It was literally a floating city.

Matt and I walked around for a bit on every deck, stopping occasionally to get a fun beverage. (Please do not ask me how many Miami vices and mudslides we drank.) We were so excited to get into our bathing suits and just lay by the pool and listen to a live band.

Royal Caribbean Harmony Of The Seas Royal Caribbean Harmony Of The Seas

At night, we dressed up and grabbed something quick to eat before heading to The Fine Line, one of the many different entertainment activities (there’s an ice show, a comedy show, a play, and more!) on the ship. The Fine Line was incredible. It was an acrobatic show with all different water tricks and tight rope walking. It was seriously ridiculous. Some of the acrobats dove into the water from 40+ feet in the air. LIKE I’M SORRY, WHAT?! It was really cool, and my stomach totally turned upside down watching them do their stunts!

After dinner, we headed to one of many bars to get a drink and headed to the casino. While we definitely did not win big (maybe next time), it was fun to see everyone genuinely having a good time!

Royal Caribbean Harmony Of The Seas Royal Caribbean Harmony Of The Seas

image c/o of royal caribbean

One of my favorite parts of the ship was the Bionic Bar. Basically, you got an iPad, ordered a drink of choice – one you make yourself (down to the amount of shots poured, how much ice, and shaken or stirred) or one you choose from a list (the Sex on the Beach was incredible). AND THEN A ROBOT MAKES YOUR DRINK. No, I’m not kidding. If you followed me on Snapchat and IG Stories, you probably saw the videos. It was really cool. So you could only guess how much we went to grab drinks there;)
Royal Caribbean Harmony Of The Seas Royal Caribbean Harmony Of The Seas Royal Caribbean Harmony Of The Seas

When we docked in the Bahamas, I had forgotten how pretty it is there (and how blue the water is). It was really exciting to pull into the dock and really remember that we were just in the middle of the ocean for hours in order to get here!

Matt and I decided to stay on the ship and continue exploring. We went back to the pool, put our towels down, and immediately headed to the slides. We raced each other a few times (I won) and tried out different slides, which made me feel like such a little kid.

We got some more drinks and then made our way up to the top deck so Matt could try out the surfing activity. I give him major credit, by the way. There were so many people watching and even though he wiped out (more than once), he kept getting back up to try and do it right! It was really fun….and again, really ridiculous that they have something like this on a cruise ship!

Royal Caribbean Harmony Of The Seas Royal Caribbean Harmony Of The Seas

On our last night, we headed to our dinner reservation around 8:30 and were (again) greeted by friendly staff who seated us…and then brought us bread and wine. I WAS IN HEAVEN. I wasn’t expecting the most out of this dinner, but it was actually SO delicious. I was really impressed with the selection of food (I went with the steak), there were options for everyone!

Afterwards, we headed back to the Bionic Bar and just relaxed. We talked about how awesome this cruise was and how much we wish we had more time on the ship!

Royal Caribbean Harmony Of The Seas Royal Caribbean Harmony Of The Seas

Overall, my first cruise was an absolute success! It was really amazing to see all of the amazing efforts Royal Caribbean puts into their ships being the biggest, best, and most advanced cruise lines out there! Matt and I are currently planning our next trip with Royal Caribbean with all of our friends!

THE LOOK #1| top c/o, jeans, sandals, clutch (similar)
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A big thank you to Royal Caribbean for inviting me along on the inaugural sailing of Harmony of the Seas! This trip was gifted to me, but I was not required to write this blog post. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.