Pop Fizz Chat: Heatin’ Up | 5.19

A weekly series dedicated to everything from life, travel and fashion Q&A, sale finds, weekend updates, sneak peeks and more!Pop Fizz Chat | Fashion Q&A 4.6 by fashion blogger Dana from Pink Champagne Problems


A little travel, life and fashion Q&A. I want to answer them ALL.

I’m looking for some new summer shoes that won’t break the bank? Specifically sandals and mules. Thanks!
You know I’m a BIG fan of slides lately. I wear a different pair almost every day….or wear the same pair 6 days in a row. Here are a few of my favorites (all under $100!):

How do you gain followers? I know content is what draws people in but that can’t be the only thing!
You’re right! Content is 100% what draws people in, but it’s getting them to continue following you that is the tough part. I started my Instagram in 2011 (before I had my blog), so it’s been around for a while. I really started gaining followers once I knew that I wanted to treat my entire brand as a business. But let’s take a step back for a second. I know we’re all about the numbers, but they are not everything. I still land amazing partnerships with brands and I think it’s because I have loyal followers. And brands can see that. I make sure I take note of what my followers engage with. And I definitely make sure I’m engaging with them as well!


Here’s what I’m loving, buying and eyeing!

I totally take back what I said in my last Pop Fizz Chat about not spending money. I went on a bit of a Spring/Summer shopping spree over the last week. Mainly at Gap, LOFT, and Nordstrom – three of my favorite places to shop. I also picked out two outfits for the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic (AH!) on June 3rd. Obviously needed a back up look, just in case;)


Werkin’ on my fitness. Talking about new classes, small victories, etc.!

With MDW coming up, I’m planning on hitting the gym 5 days next week (maybe 6). Gotta feel a little bit better about the upcoming festivities;) I’m hoping this will really kick my butt into gear. I’ve been SO exhausted lately, my body just cannot get used to waking up 2 hours early to go work out. What are some of YOUR tips for getting your body up and at ’em early? Let me know in the comments below — or link to some of your favorite blog posts/articles!


Weekend plans, anyone?

So….I lied again. I did get 5 posts up this week. But I have a good reason! My editorial calendar happened to overlap with two brand collaborations on Wednesday and Thursday. Typically, I only like to do 3-5 sponsored posts a month, but the way my contracts were, I had some deadlines to meet. I just want you all to know that I try my best to keep this space as organic as possible!

And now for my weekend plans…

After work, I’m shooting a new project with my friend Linda. I feel like I haven’t seen her in forever, so I’m excited to see her! On Saturday, I’m heading into Astoria with my family for dinner with my godfather and his family (Oh hey, Harmony). On Sunday, I’m hosting a little brunch at my sister’s house to kick off patio season (it has to do with something I alluded to on Twitter, too)!


A few of my favorite blog posts (and articles) from this week!

I hope you enjoy this Pop! Fizz! Chat! fashion Q&A series as much I enjoy writing and researching for it. If you ever have a question you’d like me to answer, feel free to shoot me an email, tweet me, send me a DM on Instagram, or ask it anonymously here!

H A P P Y  W E E K E N D !

do it for the ‘gram

  • the best form of transportation...except in new york city because people who ride bikes are terrifying😂😒🤷🏻‍♀️ // but seriously. take me back out east asap😍 •• 📸 by @allieprovost (I think, because at this point I had a lot of @archerroosewines😂)
  • SEE YA NEXT WEEKEND, EAST HAMPTON👋🏻 This weekend at @allieprovost’s house was nothing short of amazing. Had the most relaxing weekend, and now the Sunday Scaries are DEFINITELY hitting me hard👀
You can instantly shop my looks by following me on the LIKEtoKNOW.it app or click the link in my bio for ready to shop details! @liketoknow.it http://liketk.it/2wzn5 #liketkit
  • Sunday Funday 〰️ @pier17ny is one of my favorite places to be this summer!❤️ #seaportsummer #pier17 •• 📸 by @pret.a.photo
  • HELLLLOOOOOO WEEEEEKEND, I am so happy to see you😍 Heading out East with my two favorite girls (obv @elle.dooley and @allieprovost) for a few days of R&R girl time🙌🏼
You can instantly shop all of my looks by following me on the LIKEtoKNOW.it app or click the link in my bio to shop! @liketoknow.it http://liketk.it/2wvLL #liketkit •• 📸 by @pret.a.photo
  • Ready for the weekend😍 This is THE CUTEST dress ever, and I’m thoroughly obsessed — it’s definitely coming to the Hamptons with me this weekend!
 You can instantly shop all of my looks by following me on the LIKEtoKNOW.it appor by clicking the link in my bio! @liketoknow.it http://liketk.it/2wvLd #liketkit •• 📸 by @pret.a.photo
  • Ready to skedaddle off to my next adventure with @letskedaddle🏃🏻‍♀️💨 Had the best Saturday in Long Beach, and I'm ready to take advantage of the next $10 round trip ride (every Saturday for the rest of July)👀🙌🏼 Check out my post on The Champagne Edit to learn more about this amazing service for Boston and New York City peeps!❤️ #letskedaddle #sponsored •• 📸 by @pret.a.photo
  • I could have SWORN it was Thirsty Thursday😉🤷🏻‍♀️ Oh well! CHEERS💜
📸 by @pret.a.photo // #westvillage #whilewewereyoung #newyork #nyc #nycdrinks #cocktails #thatsdarling
  • Hiding from Monday like🙈 Just kidding, Monday jokes are fun to make, but I actually love having a productive start to the week! Productive blog day, work day, and ended with a @soulcycle class🙌🏼 What about you? Is there anything you love about Mondays?
Also there’s a new post on The Champagne Edit where I talk about when I realized I was WORTH it as a blogger. Be sure to check it out and let me know what you think! I think it’s so important for us to really know our worth when it comes to working with brands🙌🏼
 @liketoknow.it http://liketk.it/2wt3O #liketkit •• 📸 by @pret.a.photo

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