The Holidays Meaning For Me

I think this is pretty standard, but as I get older, the holidays meaning seem much more important. (Hint: It doesn’t have to do with presents.)

When I think about the holidays meaning nowadays, I always think about how important my family and friends are to me. I always feel so lucky that I have great traditions with both my family, friends, Matt and my even my coworkers. It makes me so sad that a lot of people are less fortunate or don’t have those favorite traditions like I do.

The Holidays Meaning For Me by popular New York City blogger Pink Champagne Problems

Christmas used to be more about the material things when I was younger. As it should have been, right? I don’t remember what age this happened at, but at some point I kind of just stopped caring about the gifts. Actually, that’s sort of a lie. I really liked getting other people gifts because I loved to see their reaction. Just being with my family for the holidays is enough for me. Over the last (upcoming) three years, I’ve been able to also add in another family to the mix: Matt’s family! Talk about being a lucky gal.

I’ve mentioned this before, but Matt’s family lives about 10 minutes away from my cousins, aunt and uncle. We spend every holiday with them, so it’s easy to stop by and see Matt’s family. We usually stay at his parents’ house anyway! I love being able to see everyone, and this means Matt and I get to spend the holidays together! It’s a win-win in my book!

It seems like the holidays rapidly approached this year, yet I’m still more thankful than ever. I know Thanksgiving is meant for being extra thankful, but the holidays definitely bring out the humbleness in myself. I can’t help but be so thankful for everything I have and who I have to spend holidays with me.

What is the Holidays meaning for you? Do you have any fun traditions?

photo by allie provost