Is Blogging Dead? & The Future Of Blogging

Now that I’ve been blogging for over five years, I’ve seen a lot of changes in this industry. Sometimes I find myself questioning, “is blogging dead?”

Is blogging dead & the future of blogging - Is Blogging Dead? & The Future Of Blogging by popular New York City blogger Pink Champagne Problems

And the answer is the same every single time: No. No it’s not.

When I first started blogging in 2012, I’m pretty sure there wasn’t much to it. Most sites were basic, and they were places where people posted more lifestyle pieces. No one seemed to have a real focus, it was almost like they were blogging for fun and that’s it. That’s exactly what it was. No one had an aesthetic, Instagram was a place where Valencia filters were relevant, and there wasn’t such thing as a sponsored post.

Things have very much changed since 2012. It seems as if Instagram has become more popular than blogs. I mean, it technically makes sense: People would rather scroll through one platform quickly than have to go to different sites and take more time there. Many people put their eggs in the Instagram basket. And I’ve seen the same articles being written over and over: Is the future of blogging slowly burning out? Hell no. And here’s why.

Your blog is the one thing you have 100% control over.

Let’s just say Instagram completely shuts down one day. Hundreds of thousands of jobs would be gone, right? Right now it feels like more and more people are becoming “Instagram-famous” (ugh, hate that term) without their blogs. For me, it’s definitely different. I don’t have the follower count that’s worth the Instagram fame, and I’ve never thought of only doing Instagram. The platform (along with every other social media platform I have) is just an extension of Pink Champagne Problems. This is because my blog is my #1. I don’t believe in putting your eggs in one basket, and my blog is seriously something that is all mine. And in the case that these social platforms do go away at any point in time, I would still have my blog.

People trust bloggers.

I know sometimes it seems like the blogging industry is just one big place of sponsored posts, but bloggers need more credit. Collectively, bloggers  have the attention of A LOT of people. More people than I could probably imagine. But we do. People come to bloggers for pretty much anything — lifestyle, fashion, travel, beauty, recipes, decor, and everything in between. I’ve always looked at bloggers to be more accessible and easier to relate to than magazines/ads. Bloggers are regular people. We don’t technically work for brands we post about, and for the most part, we give 100% honest opinions on products, experiences, etc. I know I would trust one of my favorite bloggers over Kim Kardashian if they were promoting the same product.

And if you’re more of a concrete facts kinda person, the proof is in the pudding. You’ve all seen the numbers of how many sales are driven through bloggers. It’s actually quite insane to me. But in the most awesome way, of course!

Bloggers stand out more.

Although it may seem like a dying thing, blogging is more important than ever. Most of the brands that reach out to me want that blog post. Bloggers only have the attention of someone scrolling through Instagram for so long before they’re onto someone else’s photo. So most of the brands are looking to promote not only their product, but also their brand identity. Instagram or Twitter certainly aren’t the platform to do that. A blog allows someone’s personality come through, along with his or her most creative side. I think that really stands out to brands.

You’ll find your most loyal readers.

Because bloggers tend to let their personalities come out in full force on their blogs, they connect more with their readers. I love getting blog comments and just having a quick conversation with those reading my blogs. I know who is a consistent reader of Pink Champagne Problems, and it always means so much to me when they comment. I get to know these individuals, I know their habits and tendencies, and take their reactions into consideration when it comes to the content I put on here. It shows that people truly want to come to certain blogs daily and interact with these bloggers. In a way, it’s somewhat humbling to have a loyal following. To me, it means a lot more than some Instagram comments/likes.

What does the future of blogging look like?

Obviously, I don’t know. But if 2015-2017 (mainly) have been any indication of the future of blogging, it sure looks bright. It’s clear that bloggers and influencers are creating their own paths for success. Since there’s no rule book or guideline for blogging, we need to do it ourselves. Some bloggers are stepping outside of blogging and creating their own lines. How cool is that? For right now, I think the future of blogging is definitely going to continue to persuade the way industries and consumers think, shop, eat, react, etc.

Do you ever think about the future of blogging? It’s insane to think about how far blogs have come…I could only imagine what it’s going to be like in a few years!

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