The Friday Edit, Vol. 3

A weekly edit, by Dana.

The Edit

HAPPY FRIDAY! Although this was a short week, it was extra busy.

Everything seems to be super hectic at work, so 4 days didn’t seem like enough time to get things done. BUT, we made it to the weekend, and I know this one is gonna be good and so needed. I’m actually not feeling the best, and I’m SUPER nervous that it’s the flu — but maybe I’m being dramatic. I’m taking ALL the Vitamin C, but suggestions for avoiding the flu are very much welcomed!

Tonight, I’m supposed to see my best friends after months (we’re all on such different schedules). We’re hanging out at one of our houses, so it will of course be fun! Praying I feel a bit better towards the end of the day, because tomorrow night, my sister and I are treating our guys to dinner. We’re going to Maialino in Gramercy, and I’m SO excited. It’s so delicious, and actually where Matt and I had one of our very first dates (clearly he was trying to impress me). And on Sunday (if I have enough energy), it’s blog work all day long. Also trying to convince Matt to shoot a look or two for me;)

What are you up to?

Links To Love

  • Alicia talked about licensing your images in one of her posts this week. Such a great reminder for us bloggers.
  • Love this striped cardigan on Ashley! So good, and only $25 – buying now!
  • Grace had a guest writer on her blog, and I LOVED her tips on bringing more wellness into your workspace.
  • Carly talks about journaling and her tips for keeping at it!
  • SUCH an interesting read about New York Fashion Week. I can relate to this from both sides. At my job, we’ve always put effort into our runway collections, which we actually do not do anymore. Like the article said, the money goes to the show and to make samples that won’t sell.

Let’s Shop

I’m prepping for a little weekend getaway in a few weeks, so obviously I need to shop for it! I’m trying to gather the coziest pieces ever and there were so many things I couldn’t resist! I’m also getting ready to make my biggest purchase ever (a new handbag), so I’m PRETTTTAY excited about that. Overall, I’ve been finding a lot of really cozy and cute things!