Favorite Minimal Jewelry Brands

I’ve never been much of a jewelry gal.  But occasionally you GOTTA dress up your look.

There’s not very many pieces that I wear on a daily basis. I always have some kind of stud earring in (when I’m not wearing a statement earring – like my vintage Chanel). So when I am wearing jewelry, it’s pretty minimal. I noticed myself gravitating towards minimal jewelry brands, and there are a few places that I constantly find myself browsing, so I wanted to share with you!

Sixty Stax

If you’re on Instagram, you know I constantly post about Sixty Stax. I was introduced to the brand over a year ago (fun fact, my boyfriend went to college with one of the founders, Gabriella), and have been obsessed ever since. The quality of these minimal pieces are out of this world, and I love how they instantly add SOMETHING to any look I’m wearing. My favorite pieces have got to be my bracelets and chokers. Oh and my rainbow rings. LIKE OBSESSSSED is an understatement. I always have AT LEAST one Sixty Stax piece on at all times. So you know the love is real AF.

Little Words Project

Not only do I love sporting these super cute bracelets(they actually have more products too!), I also LOVE the message behind them. Of course, the small, yet powerful words/sayings are great to wear every day…BUT there’s an even more powerful message to send along. When you feel someone needs the bracelet you’re wearing, you simply give it to them. The point is to register the bracelet and then you can track it when others register. Be sure to give them a follow on Instagram for major INSPO.


Ok, not going to lie. I don’t actually own anything from Mejuri…yet.

But I am about to place an order because I LOVE the pieces. These are more of investment pieces, but I occasionally stumble upon perfectly priced finds! Their rings are what really caught my eye (especially this little guy).

Uncommon James

If you don’t know Uncommon James, it’s a minimal jewelry line by Kristin Cavallari (from Laguna Beach and now she has her own show on E!). I’ve been a fan of hers (#sorrynotsorry) since her Laguna Beach days, so I’ve loved watching her show. She was recently wearing these earrings on an episode, and I immediately ordered them. Then I started browsing more and more, and really think she creates some great pieces!

What are some of your favorite minimal jewelry brands?!

photos by allie provost

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