What Is Digital Eye Strain And How Can You Protect Yourself?

One night, I was sitting at Matt’s apartment just working on my blog when my vision started getting a little splotchy. And then my arm and hand started tingling and going numb. CUE MAJOR FREAK OUT!

What Is Digital Eye Strain And How Can You Protect Yourself? by NYC blogger Pink Champagne Problems What Is Digital Eye Strain And How Can You Protect Yourself? by NYC blogger Pink Champagne Problems What Is Digital Eye Strain And How Can You Protect Yourself? by NYC blogger Pink Champagne Problems What Is Digital Eye Strain And How Can You Protect Yourself? by NYC blogger Pink Champagne Problems

After about 20 minutes of that torture, the weird feelings started going away and I just went to sleep. Over the next few days, it started happening again…this time while I was at work. And that’s when these insane headaches started coming on. These headaches and weird vision, tingling issues were definitely not fun to get in the middle of a meeting or while I was on my computer working. Some of them lasted entire days and nights, so I’d have to go into work late and just lay in bed with a cold press on my head in my dark bedroom. So I went to the doctor.

When I explained about the vision issues, she immediately started doing some neurological tests, which freaked me out. But in the end, she came to the conclusion that I was getting severe migraines. GREAT.

I’ve always heard about the horror stories about migraines. I remember my mom used to get them a lot when I was younger. She wouldn’t be able to get off the couch for hours. I was always thankful that I didn’t have to deal with those. Well, so much for that.

I came to my own conclusion that a big reason why I get migraines is because I stare at my computer screen for 14+ hours a day. Almost every day. I have extremely good vision, but I definitely noticed the strain on my eyes. After some research, I learned about digital eye strain. Yep, that’s a thing in the 21st century thanks to all of this technology. We spend so many hours at our computers, watching TV, and scrolling through our phones. Our eyes aren’t meant for staring at screens that emit harsh blue light. This type of artificial light causes eye fatigue, dry eyes, blurred vision and headaches. Oh and how about the fact that this blue light is extremely disrupting to your sleep schedule. We’ve all been there: Once we’re done on our computers and get into bed at night, we get right on our phones. And then we don’t fall asleep for another hour or so. This is because our rhythm is screwed up due to blue light, and melatonin isn’t being released.

According to The Vision Council, 70% of Americans experience digital eye strain due to prolonged use of electronic devices. That’s a lot of people. And I wonder how many of us haven’t done anything to protect our eyes from the harmful lights of technology.

Introducing Pixel Eyewear

I came across Pixel Eyewear a few weeks ago and I’m so happy I did. In full disclosure, I reached out to the company and they sent me two pairs of glasses (this post is not sponsored though). I knew this would be the first step in combating my migraines. I’ve never worn glasses in my life, so I really had no idea what styles would look good on me. I went with the Ventus and Capra styles and I LOVE them. I keep one pair at my office and one pair in my bag, so I have glasses at all times! If you have a prescription, they’re working on allowing you to add it to your pair of Pixel glasses – you can get on an email list that will notify you!

I’ve been wearing my glasses every day for the last two weeks, and I can honestly say my eyes feel MUCH less strained. If I forget to put my glasses on because I’m simply not used to wearing them, I can really feel my eyes working a lot harder than they should. Now that I keep one of the pairs at my desk, I typically put them on right when I get to work. And then when I get home, I put them on when I get on my laptop or desktop to start working on Pink Champagne Problems. Next up, I’m going to try to take notice of my sleeping patterns and see if my cycle is uninterrupted.

Ways to relieve digital eye strain (in addition to digital eyeglasses)

  • Take a break. Step away from the computer screen every in in a while; you could also look away from your computer screen after 20 minutes for 20 seconds
  • Positioning. Be a decent distance away from your computer or laptop (usually an arm’s length away).
  • Increase text. Increase your text size on your devices so you’re not over-straining your eyes
  • Limit. If your job revolves around looking at a screen all day, try limiting your phone use — especially before bed.

Have you ever heard of digital eye strain? If not, I highly suggest looking into getting a pair of digital glasses – they will change your life for the better! You can get $5 off your order from Pixel Eyewear by using the code PCPROBLEMS5!

photos by allie provost