Bloggers I Admire For Doing This Thing Full Time

Gotta give credit where credit is due. Right?

Last week, I shared some of my favorite ladies that have 9-to-5 jobs. Now, I want to flip the coin, and share a few ladies who absolutely master blogging full time. To be honest, I felt really biased about only sharing the ladies with traditional jobs. In an effort to support EVERYONE in our blogging community, this was a post I definitely wanted to share with you today!

These ladies deserve a lot of credit. They all took leaps at some point in their life to do this blogging thing. Something that is SO unknown, SO unstable…yet incredibly rewarding.

Alicia, Alicia Tenise

Alicia and I have been following each other since FOREVER, except we’re idiots because we should have totally been friends longer since I went to school in Arlington (she lived FIVE MINUTES from my campus). ANYWAY. Alicia took the plunge over two years ago, and she has not looked back. Alicia is consistently at the top of my “favorite bloggers to follow”. Her content is real and informative. She is living proof (omg I’m so dramatic) that you do not need to have hundreds of thousands of followers in order to do this full time. SHE KILLS IT!

Helena, Brooklyn Blonde

Helena is a straight up OG. I found her blog YEARS ago when I was looking for other New Yorkers to follow. I’ve always admired her minimal, classic style. For whatever reason, I stopped keeping up with her for a couple of years…and then last year, I realized I was missing out. Her content has gotten better and better — she’s great on Instagram Stories and she’s back to really focusing on her blog. I love following along on her adventures with her son, Nate, too! He’s kind of the cutest!

Grace, The Stripe

My love for Grace is real, you guys. But you all know that because I mention her around here. A LOT. I’ve admired Grace for a really long time. The community she’s built around her website is amazing. I mean home girl took time out of her life to connect people who lived in similar areas that wanted to make new friends (I know it kinda back fired because she got HUNDREDS of emails, but it just shows you the kind of person she is)! Grace is one of the few people that I genuinely trust with recommendations (specifically skincare products). She’s one of the best businesswomen in the game, and I always appreciate her love of writing, books, and fostering community!

Laura, Louella Reese

When my girl took the plunge and started doing this thang full time, I knew she was going to crush it. I could immediately tell that Laura was just itching to put all of her efforts into her blog and social media. She truly cares about each and every piece of content she puts out there, and I love her for that. She’s insanely genuine, creates amazing content that you WANT to read and see, and also is probably just the sweetest human out there. Some of my favorite content of hers is her travel content. She really makes sure she gives ALL the deets on the fun things she does at every location!

These ladies are real inspiring. They took a risk in an industry that wasn’t fully established…or even has a certain future. I admire them for all different reasons, but one thing they have in common is the fact that they’re real. They all show the good and the bad side of this world. I hope you love following them as much as I do!

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