3 Trends I Bought Because I Was Influenced

Sure, I might be considered an “influencer” (*cringes*), but I’m still influenced every single day.

Runway shows aren’t the only things inspiring me to get dressed in the morning. In fact, most of my inspiration comes from other bloggers and Instagram accounts. When you think about it, most of our purchases are probably because we were influenced to buy. Whether it was an Instagram AD, word of mouth, or your favorite blogger went on an IG Stories rant…it’s pretty hard NOT to be influenced these days. Now that Spring is in full bloom, I took a look through my closet and noticed a few trends that I purchased because someone influenced me.


I mean, once the classic Chanel slingbacks were revived, it was kind of a no-brainer for me to purchase them. When they first came out, I couldn’t justify that over $1000 price tag. Instead, I found the next best things. These slides got me through Spring last year, and then I kind of forgot about them. I recently found them at my desk, and have been wearing them with EVERYTHING. Dresses, skirts, denim (duh), and even joggers to dress them up! They are so comfortable, so chic, and just perfect for Spring. There’s also a TON of great Chanel-like pairs out there in the market right now, so I wanted to share those with you!

Wedgie Jeans

This is probably the trend that shocked me the most. I mean, what person in their right mind would willingly buy a pair of jeans called “WEDGIE” fit? Not I. But after seeing them on quite a few bloggers, finding some inspo on Pinterest, and eventually finding a wash that I just HAD to have (the one above), I jumped on board. I am OBSESSED with these jeans. Sure they aren’t the most flattering, but I love the fit, length, and edge they give to my looks. I even bought a washed out black pair too! There are so many different washes, I kind of love them all. I highly recommend (and for reference, I’m 5’2, so length wasn’t an issue).

Bows & Scrunchies

These trends are bringing me back to the 90s REAL quick. But I love it! I bought like 5 scrunchies when Allie and I went to Seattle, and love throwing my hair up in a bun with them! They’re such a fun way to make your messy bun look cute. And then there’s the bow trend. Sure, it’s a little bit juvenile, but I’m in love with it. Allie let me borrow hers to go with this outfit, and I loved the feminine touch it added to my Spring look!

Also and in a close tie for third, ROUND SUNGLASSES. When I was in college, I was DYING for a pair of John Lenon-like sunglasses. They were like the ultimate cool girl sunglasses. I tried on the classic Ray Bans, but they just didn’t work. Fast forward a few years later, and my sister had these Quay sunglasses. I tried them on for this Instagram snap, and loved them. So I naturally bought a pair for myself on the spot. There’s also a larger version, and I kinda want them too!

What are some trends you never thought you’d like, but were influenced to purchase…and ended up loving?


photos by allie provost

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